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Huglu 103 CE 20g

Huglu 103 CE 20g

£699.00 Regular Price
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DESCRIPTIONThe HUGLU 103 FE Black 20g O/U Shotgun is a stunning side plate shotgun with a Multi choke ejector made with a high quality Turkish walnut stock; and featuring a black side plate, a Ventilated rib with 3″ chambers and Proofed for steel shot. Huglu has become a well-known brand around the world, regarding its over-under shotguns. These designs combine the steel and the wood with a mastery and craftmanship inherited through a duration of one century.“Our master craftsmen and engineers work intensively to make each one of our over-under shotguns perfect to its every detail. As a result of these works we are able to achieve perfect frame vs barrel fit.” World famous Turkish walnuts and Italian steel, combined with experience and mastery, altogether make our over-under shotguns become precious heritage items to keep for following generations.Specification

Gauge / Chamber  20g / 3″

Receiver Monoblock, Forged Steel

Barrel Length 28″ or 30″ Steel Proofed

Barrel Choke Multi-choke

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