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We stock a wide selection of ammunition for Shotguns, Rifles and Air rifles. See below for a list of the brands we stock and we carry a good selection for most calibers.

LEAD FREE: we are pleased to offer a wide selection of Lead free factory ammunition in popular calibers.

We also stock a wide selection of reloading components for home loading, including bullet heads, cases, primers and powders.

Please call to check latest stock.

For specialist calibers and reloading items, please call ahead and we can discuss your requirements and order items in.


Rifle Ammunition

We stock a wide range of brands including: Hornady, CCI, RWS, SAKO, Federal, Norma & Geco, in most calibers including:

17 HMR

22 LR

222 Rem

223 Rem

204 Ruger

22-250 Swift

243 Win



We also have an extensive selection of LEAD FREE ammunition which comply with the latest EU requirements.

Please call for latest stock

01848 331 213

Shotgun Cartridges

We keep in stock as selection of GameBore cartridges. We can order other brands in by request.

Please call for latest stock

01848 331 213

Gamebore cartridges.jpg


We stock the following:

Bullet heads: Hornady, Nosler + others

Powders: IMR, Alliant + Others

Primers: CCI + others

And can order in equipment from leading reloading brands

Please call for latest stock

01848 331 213

Mob: 07599 112 571

hornady reloading.jpg
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